Blue Pelican Videos

  Blue Pelican Book Company is proud to have been selected by Dream Maker Productions
to take the lead in their series of technical videos


Blue Pelican Java Videos

A four DVD set consisting of 170 videos, each closely correlated to the popular Blue Pelican Java textbook.

Very popular with both beginning & advanced teachers. Students absolutely love it!


GridWorld Videos

Have your computer science students absolutely nail this portion of the AP test! Includes booklet and 30 videos.

Complete with source code for all the projects. Clear, lucid narration of this new case study.


Graphical Labs

Great motivational tool. Labs range from elementary for-loops & if's all the way to recursion, sets, maps, etc. 34 videos & 119 p booklet.

Does not assume a knowledge of graphics nor does it try to teach graphics... just uses it for motivation.

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Web Mastering/SEO Videos

Learn how to get top ranking in Google with this series of 30 videos. Crystal clear, even to the novice.

Very popular as a supplement to Web Mastering classes. Very inspirational!


PhotoshopTM Tool Encyclopedia

Individual videos on each of 66 Photoshop tools plus 27 videos on Photoshop blending modes.

Web based videos make it easy to deploy the video contents on your own LAN. Total of 33 free videos available for download.


Platinum Edition

All of our products in one package (2-disc set). Everything on each DVD organized in a central menu.

Includes all videos and fully printable pdf versions of all books & manuals. 53% discount represents a savings of $464. (No hard copies)

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15 Minute Math Labs

Labs easily done in 15 minutes and then right back to the regular class. Free videos and labs. Kits include all needed materials.

Instructional videos and manuals makes for easy teacher prep. Cross-correlated with other subjects. 120 videos and more.


Math Tips, Tricks, & Anecdotes

Special techniques and teaching style that makes high school math both real and relevant. Memory tricks and unusual insights.

Often told with a little dry humor, these tips and tricks can be applied all the way from Alg I through Calculus.

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