PhotoshopTMTool Videos (Encyclopedia)
Individual videos
(99 total) and documentation...

     ...for each of 66 Photoshop tools.  Demo  33 free videos

     ...for each of 27 blending modes.   Demo

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Free Photoshop
Tool Videos

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Free Photoshop
Blending Mode Videos

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  • The Photoshop Tool Videos are viewed on a web browser which makes them easy to copy to a web server on your own local network.

  • Purchase of the Photoshop Tool Videos DVD automatically grants license to duplicate and distribute its contents within your own campus.

  • No hassle to get the videos to play. Just make sure you have FLASH PLAYER on your computer (a very fast, easy download).

  • Includes an on-camera introduction by the author of Blue Pelican Java.

  • Outstanding value for 99 videos on a single DVD.

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