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     Blue Pelican Java:

          Textbook (543 pages)
          Answer book (595 pages)
          ExamView Pack (476 files)
          Java Videos (170)
          Videos (30) 
          Teacher manual (84 pages)
          Student manual (62 pages)
          Source code (17 files)
     Graphical Labs:
          Videos (64)
          Teacher Manual (119 pages)
          Student manual (79)
          Source code (66 files)
     Photo Shop Tool Encypd:
          Tool videos (66)
          Blending mode videos (27)
          Blending mode pdf
          Videos (30)
          Outline pdf
     Three Ap Labs:
100% web based, no hard copies
Easily deployed to a web server
Light package, ships any-where in the world** for $7
All pdf's fully printable
387 Videos
1490 pages (pdf files)
1349 source code files
*No hard copies of books or manuals are included in this product. Everything (besides source code files) is in the form of videos or pdf files.
Platinum Edition
All our products on a 2-disc set (Now supplied on a Flash Drive)
**There may be some exceptions to this; however, $7 US is the price for all the countries we have checked so far.
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