Meet the author of Blue Pelican Java: My name is Charles Cook, and I teach at Refugio High School, a small school in south Texas. From time to time, I take on special software/development projects. With this in mind and for your consideration, I submit my qualifications and experience below:

Charles Cook

 Author, Developer

Mapping project
  • One of the original founders of Aeroview Inc…. used an aircraft, GPS, radar, and digital cameras to produce an integrated set of digital images and computer maps to facilitate the management of gas-pipeline systems (including house density analysis)
  • Developed software for the management of GPS data, radar altimeter, and navigational map display
  • Developed software for automated post-processing of data.
  • Developed "rubber sheeting" software for segmented map trails
  • Developed custom GIS program that allowed viewing of pipeline, aerial & ground photos, street map, and "house density" analysis.
  •  Developed integrated GPS/Map/Digital camera software for the taking of associated ground photos.
  • Developed import/export software for Arc View Shape files and for Auto Cad files
  • Sole proprietor of Precision Prototypes, a printed circuit mfgr (1978-1996)... Wrote Cad/Cam software related to automated drilling & plating.
  • Partner in Memogram, one of the first companies to produce a voice mail system ...control program and speech synthesizer design.
  • Partner in Central Automation, an oilfield automation company ...wrote control program and designed hardware.
  • Partner in Power Quest... in charge of plastics fabrication for production of patented, cordless battery charger.
  • Custom digital electronic design
  • Sole proprietor of SportyNerd, a sports software Co.
  • Commercial web sites created and maintained

 Languages/Special Expertise

  • VB, VBS, VBA, Java, JS
  • C++, HTML, ASP, Asmbly lng
  • Java
  • Arc View Shape files
  • MS Access data structures
  • Auto Cad data structures
  • Network Administrator
  • Web Master
  • Non-linear regression techniques in Excel
  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe Photoshop

  • First Class FCC license
  • Pilot's license
  • Patented  "Cordless" battery charger
  • Teaching certificate
  • Certification for teaching advanced placement Calculus

 Military experience

  • U.S. Army, 1969-1972… Served in Texas, New Jersey, Viet Nam and in Germany
  • Depot level maintenance for microwave radio and voice multiplexing equipment
  • In charge of operations for a microwave radio station


  • AP Calculus, Trig, Physics
  • Analytic Geo, Algebra, Pre Cal
  • Computer Science


  • Electronics
  • Beekeeping
  • Egyptology (several trips to Egypt)
  • Travel (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Mexico, Canada)