A massive companion Answer Book (nearly 600 pages) is also available for qualified teachers. When ordering online you will be asked to give the phone number of your instutution's office so we can verify your position as an educator.

Answer books ordered with a school purchase order are automatically shipped... no need for educator verification.

Printable versions (pdf files on a flash drive) are provided upon purchase of both a textbook and answer book. Please note that a hard copy of the answerbook is no longer provided... pdf file only on a flash drive.

The following is a listing of the features found in the Blue Pelican Java Answer Book (pdf examples are available for viewing):

  • Complete answers to the exercises on each lesson

  • A "2nd day" quiz for each lesson so as to hold student's feet to the fire,... yet easy enough so as to not be discouraging... versions of the quizzes are available in the ExamView Pack.

  • Complete Java source code for the programming projects

  • Answers to the UIL* contest type problems (even includes what the "real" answers are to the dreaded "None of the above" answers)... versions of these problems are available in the ExamView Pack.

  • Quizzes and keys to the "Golden Nuggets of Wisdom"** section... versions of the quizzes are available in the ExamView Pack.

  • Tests and test keys (grouped for every 2 - 3 lessons)

It should be noted that printable pdf versions of both the answer book and textbook are provided on a flash drive upon the purchase of both a textbook and an answer book.


Purchase hard-cover text books and/or Answer book 

* UIL contests are the Texas version of state sanctioned, student competition....from athletics to academics. On this site, "UIL contests" refer to the computer science portion of the competition.

**Golden Nuggets of Wisdom are daily exercises for the purpose of "sharpening-up" just before a contest.

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